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Travel Paint Boxes


Painting 1

Martha developed her Travel Paint Box to help painters travelling in the bush, on safari or around the block to the park.
  • Economical- Martha uses only the highest quality materials in order to ensure the very best artistic results. She has chosen the pigments, brushes etc. she uses herself as the backbone of the kit. You no longer will pay lots of money buying pigments that will confound your efforts to achieve luminous colour.
  • Travel worthy- The box is sturdy metal. There is lots of room for more paper, pencils and pigments in every box. It will last you a lifetime of painting.
  • Everything you need- The contents of the box will get any painter started on their artistic adventure. They could hop a plane tomorrow and the box has everything they need to execute, carry and store their paintings safely.
  • Compact- Martha uses two boxes on a canoe trip to outfit 6 painters with all the gear they need. One box can carry a painter for weeks of painting excitement.


  • 10 sheets of 140 lb. Saunders Rough cut to fit box decal edged
  • Masonite board to fit box-this is to mount paper with masking tape
  • Roll Masking tape
  • Covered palette for clean transport of wet pigment after a painting session
  • View Finder- helpful when composing paintings
  • Kneeded eraser- to use on watercolour paper because it helps retain the integrity of the paper
  • Fine Tec Graphite Pencil 1B
  • Bruynzeel Coloured Pencil White- A white resist useful in retaining whites
  • Challice Brush no. 6- a painter should have at least one really good brush-this one works well on this size paper
  • Lucas-Alizarin Crimson
  • Lucas Ultramarine Blue Deep
  • Lucas Permanent Yellow Light
  • Large enclosing metal box
  • Small metal box for brushes and pencils etc.

Price of this kit is $80.00

Christmas Promotion (till Dec. 25, 2012): less 20% is $64.00


Painting 1


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